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Cost of braces : Making orthodontics cheaper

The best orthodontist in Dubai is not likely to be the cheapest you can find.  The cost of braces is a concern to many people and comparing prices between orthodontists can be difficult because orthodontists don’t usually ‘quote over the phone’.  Keeping a Practice up to scratch and using the latest technology can add considerably to the cost of providing treatment, giving a cost advantage to more outdated practices. We maintain the highest standards and offer the most advanced technologies.  Certainly we see many patients for whom cost is only a secondary consideration,  but our prices are affordable.

If you are ringing around to find the ‘cheapest braces in Dubai’ remember that fees vary for different types of treatment as well as between different orthodontists – and most of the variation in price is related to the problem being treated and the appliances being used.  

How Easy Dental Clinic make your orthodontic treatment cheaper

Free consultations.  

We only recommend treatment we are sure will benefit you.

We don’t recommend treatment that is unproven or has a high potential for failure.

We don’t extra charge by billing separately.

We don’t charge for documentation records if you are not ready for treatment.

We offer a range of treatment options to suit budget and tastes.

We only use top quality materials from leading manufacturers to minimize problems and breakages. 

We only use top quality laboratories in Dubai to make our appliances, ensuring reliability.

We offer concessionary rates for siblings and parents of current patients.

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